David W. Morris

David Morris is a senior computing professional with experience spanning more than 45 years, including:
  • Design, implementation and testing of advanced features of a web acceleration service including video stream compression
  • Primary developer of the iOS Idioms in English application as well as various toolkits in support of other applications
  • Collaborated in the design and implementation the run-time utilized by an innovative anti-spam appliance.
  • Modern enterprise applications such as Icarian's Workforce Management Suite delivered using the WWW
  • Early WWW technology projects including the first release of Remedy Corporation's ARWeb product and ZooWorks Research from Hitachi Software
  • Various projects utilizing raw hardware access to facilitate non-standard network APIs and user support of heterogeneous applications via hot-key switching
  • Leading the teams which ported VS FORTRAN from IBM's CMS operating system to AIX/370 and AIX/ESA (including automatic vectorization and parallelization for FORTRAN programs)
  • Collaborating in the design and serving as the primary implementer of the IBM EQUAL system
  • Addition of device support to early versions of IBM's OS/MFT operating system
David Morris is a founder of barili systems limited, a computing technology company providing consulting services directed toward the design and implementation of computer applications. He can be reached at:
(408) 366-5050
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